Pastoral Ministry

We the DPMT Sisters take part in the Pastoral life and activities of the local Church in which we are inserted to collaborate in building it up as a community that lives and grows through faith, by witnessing and its adherence to the Word. Faithful to our Presentation Charism we give priority to those contexts of service that enable us to be most attentive to the new generations; catechesis and education in faith, animation and formative guidance, attention to the processes of vocational growth, and care for the situations of hardship. In accordance with the Charism of our Founders, the attention is given to the new generation by being active and hardworking, cheerful and serene in the Pastoral care of youth and vocations.

Many of our communities are engaged in pastoral ministry; In this process of faith formation, they engage in;

• Teaching catechism
• Animating various pious associations of the parish
• Conducting various programmes for the children, youth and women in the parish leading ward prayer meetings.
• Organising exposure programmes, competitions and charitable activities with the pious associations in the parish
• Taking up home mission in different parishes
• Conducting intercessory prayers
• Guidance and counselling
• Touring programmes in north east states

"In effect, the consecrated life is at the very heart of the Church as a decisive element for her mission, since it 'manifests the inner nature of the Christian calling' and the striving of the whole Church as Bride towards union with her one Spouse" (VC 3).