Education Mission of the Province

We are living in a world that is changing ever more frantically and facing challenges that are unprecedented. But humanity is still far from that maturity needed for its greatest aspiration – a harmonious and peaceful society. While the world is in conflict and many plans are afoot for its future construction education is still widely regarded as the best means of bringing this about.

Our Founders Maria Rossi and Francesca Butti also considered education as the easiest path to lead human person to salvation. Pastoral care of education was their Vocation and hence the ultimate goal of their educational commitment was salvation of self and others. As consecrated educators, the Presentation sisters are called to form themselves to be educators who are caretakers or mothers, guiding the children to choose God and in the depth of his/her heart and be in communion with Him. Embarked on a journey of generating life through formation of heart, we keep our doors opened to accept each child with his/her uniqueness and originality, guiding them to realise their personal dreams through a relationship founded on sensitivity, patience and charity.

Our Mission

Faithful to the spirit of Accipe treasured by our Founders Francesca Butti and Maria Rossi, we participate in the maternal concern of the Holy Church in her educational mission of life giving humanizing and liberating process of education, in building the kingdom of God on earth pursuing a unique educational pedagogy of formation of heart’ particularly for the young women, children and the marginalized enabling them to promote life as a gift and vocation and make free and responsible choices which affect their personal lives, communities and society.

Our Province (St. Mary’s Province, Calicut) has got five Schools in different parts of the country.

1. Presentation Higher Secondary School, Chevayur (Affiliated to State Board, Kerala)
2. Presentation Public School, Mysore (Affiliated to CBSE)
3. Presentation Convent School, Nerul (Affiliated to CISCE)
4. Archana St.Xavier’s School, Nakhathrana (Affiliated to State Board, Gujarat)
5. Archana St.Xavier’s School Mandavi (Affiliated to State Board, Gujarat)

We have also got Four Nursery Schools in Kerala.
We envision forming our children into integrally developed persons by awakening their dreams, challenging them to unleash their inner energy and driving them to their high performance. Our style of education is directed towards helping the children to develop curiosity, critical thinking and adaptive mindset so that in life they will be able to recognise the realities and cope up with the demands of daily life. Providing value based education has become the greatest challenge of the time. The education we provide is designed in such a way that the students are enabled to grow in wisdom and virtue which help them to find meaning and purpose in the events of daily life, living a life that reflects their values and believes guiding them along the path to inner peace.