the North East States

  1. Presentation Sisters, Dugapur: In the Easter State Jharkhand, we collaborate with the priests of the Heralds of Good News for the education of the young children in the school. We also participate in pastoral and social activities.
North Eastern States
  1. Presentation Convent, Teok, Assam: This is a house for initial formation of the candidates aspiring to be religious from the north and north east states. The sisters are also participating in the education ministry along with Benedictine Fathers.
  2. Presentation Convent, Bagapara, Assam: The community of sisters are engaged in pastoral, social and education ministry and collaborating with the Diocese of Bongaigon.
  3. Presentation Convent, Babadam, Meghalaya: In Tura Diocese, our sisters are engaged in pastoral and education ministry. There is a boarding for accommodating village girls from the nearby places.