1. Presentation Convent, Perumpunna: The first house in India! The house for initial formation of the candidates as well as the education of the little children in the nursery school. The community is always faithful to the parish ministry and in collaboration with the parish priests and the faithful people in the parish carries out all the activities.
  2. Presentation Higher Secondary School, Chevayur: The school is established with the sole intention of giving good education to the students and thus for the formation of their hearts. The sisters continue here as good educators as well as good pastors in Nithya Sahaya Matha Church, Chevayur.
  3. Presentation Convent, Chevayur: Started as a formation house, now it is the Provincial house. A Holy Sanctuary where the spirituality of Presentation is rejuvenated and nourished. Home for the retreat of the sisters as they mellow in age.
  4. Archana Hospital, Perumpunna: Established in 1978, the hospital gives health care for many people, especially in ophthalmology and related area. The sisters also work in Perumpunna parish.
  5. Santhibhavan, Kandamngalam: It is a parish community in Palakkadu Diocese and the sisters are engaged in parish ministry since its inception in 1993.
  6. Presentation Novitiate House, Puthuppady: A calm and serene place where we have our novitiate house. It was established in 1995 and many young ones of presentation received their formation here. The community is also engaging in the parish ministry in Elokkara parish, Thamarassery.
  7. Presentation Convent, Arattuthara: This is a small community in Mananthawady Diocese engaging in pastoral ministry. A commendable service for the society is being done by the sisters from its inception and especially when Wayanad is severely hit by the tragic flood in the past years.
  8. Presentation Convent, Neduvaloor: Another small community in Thalassery Diocese where the sisters are engaging in pastoral works as well as running a nursery school for the tiny children around.
  9. Presentation Convent, Mandalam: A community for the people of God in the parish and there is also a counselling centre which gives peace and happiness for many distressed hearts.
  10. Presentation Convent, Neeleswaram: The faith formation for the people of God is taken up by the community of sisters here. Visiting the families, sick people and teaching in the nursery school adjacent to the house are the ministries of the sisters.
  11. Presentation Convent, Thangaloor: Pastoral ministry in the south Kerala was the aim of establishing this house in 2010. Active involvement in the parish and teaching little children in nursery school are the ministries carried out by the sisters here.