M. Lucina Carimali

Sr. Lucina, whom the Presentation sisters lovingly call Mother, was born in 1923 in Italy in a pious family of Carimali, brought up in God-fearing and faith atmosphere, educated in the hometown, grew in wisdom and knowledge, prepared her heart well for embracing the religious life with holy pleasure. Her spirit filled family atmosphere shaped her mind and heart to trust entirely upon the Divine Providence.
She is the pioneer of the Indian Mission and its Delegate for 34 years. She reached in the Indian soil in 1968 with Sr. Lorenza, Sr. Agnes and Sr. Leticia. The daring missionary travelled with great zeal, left her home country and reached in India far and wide; a place having different culture, language, no electricity, no easier transportation facilities, very poor living condition etc and she endured everything gracefully. She made India her home, she loved the people especially the poor, she served the Lord in the less privileged.
Deep prayer and silence marked her spirituality. Her gentleness, humility delicacy, availability and serenity of mind adorned her personality. Her respectfulness and obedience towards the authority were remarkably noticed. Her heart was very closer to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mother Mary.
Mother Lucina found her strength in the Eucharist in suffering, pain and sadness and she was able to bring brightness in and around her. When she faced with problems and uncertainties, with a serene acceptance she suffered to live sanctity. She was able to find God in every simple and little act. She was enthusiastic and energetic in doing God’s will till she fell ill and consummated totally. On 9th August 2001 she bade farewell to us. We miss her immensely! Her presence brought God’s love to us. As Mother Lucina loved India she desired to be buried here and her physical body rests here with us. This saintly soul brings heavenly blessings to everyone; and many find their peace and their prayer intentions fulfilled after praying at her tomb. May she inspire us to be docile to God’s Will always!