1. Presentation Vidyabhavn, Mysore: This house was opened in 1999 with the intention of getting higher education for the sisters and candidates. It is in N.R. Mohalla, Mysore city. The community is involved in the pastoral works too.
  2. Presentation Sisters, T. Narasipura: A convent in the village with social ministry focussing on the empowerment of women and children, youth and elderly.
  3. Navajyothi Social Service Centre, Periyapattana: Established in the year 2003, this community also serves the poor in the villages through social work. A boarding for poor girls is also attached to the convent.
  4. Presentation Public School Ramnahalli: This community is engaged in education ministry having a school in CBSC curriculum. Parish work also is a major ministry of this community of educators.