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Welcome to Presentation,

Presentation Sisters, Calicut, being called to follow Christ radically and faithfully, imitate Little Mary who was presented at the Temple at the age of three. So we are called Daughters of Presentation of Mary in the Temple (DPMT). Our Founders, Francesca Butti and Maria Rossi found their spirituality and apostolic commitment in the Virgin Presented in the Temple. In the hidden life at the Temple, we learn from Mary of Nazareth, the virtues of humility, simplicity and obedience in order to attain union with God and to live in full communion with one another. Being the pupil of Grace and the Scripture, Mary is our perfect model to follow Christ, hence we turn to her with the words of the Song of Songs: Trahe Me Post Te... Lead me after You! (Sg1:4)
Our Congregation was founded in Italy in the year 1833, and then spread out to different parts of the world. We are in India more than fifty years now! It was an owe inspiring journey strewn with insurmountable obstacles which were overcome by the indomitable spirit of the Origin, and the vision of the Pioneers together with the inspiration and foresightedness of all the sisters working as one supported by many good hearted people. God’s grace and mercy surpass every step we take. Welcome to our site which can give you information on our history, apostolic commitment, events and news. May it inspire your benevolent heart to do good to others!